Fresh Set of Tracks - A Snowmobiling Documentary

Fresh Set of Tracks tells the story of athletes Duncan Lee (USA), Cody McNolty (Canada) and Simon Selberg (Sweden), documenting all the aspects of being out deep in the backcountry in some of the most remote and extraordinary locations in the world;

  • Traveling to the most remote locations of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.
  • Experiencing the amazing scenery and terrain of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Finding the deepest and untouched snow in The Scandes, Sweden.

The film is aiming at defining a new standard within the snowmobile film industry, capturing not only the mind-blowing stunts of snowmobile athletes at the very top of their game, but also documenting other normally less showcased aspects of the sport.

"This place is amazing! It's like a mix of the planet Hoth, prehistoric times and Narnia! And it's right here on Earth, it's actually in Russia!" - Duncan Lee

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All photos are original photographs shot on location while filming Fresh Set of Tracks.